Dior Oblique B23 High Top Sneakers

RRP: £830 at time of purchase.

An unboxing and on feet review of Dior B23 High-Top Sneakers in Blue Dior Oblique. This video allows you to take a closer look at sneakers from what is arguably Dior’s most popular sneaker line at the moment. Kim Jones’ Dior Homme collections have been successful thus far and the popularity of Dior B23 sneakers is a testament to that.

Check out Dior’s detailed product description of the B23s below:
The B23 high-top Dior Oblique sneakers are a stylish interpretation of a classic sneaker shape. Crafted in iconic blue Dior Oblique canvas, the high-tops feature an innovative clear mesh casing which spotlights the printed interior. Navy blue laces coordinate with a navy blue back loop, and navy blue rubber sole featuring deconstructed and pieced details with a ‘Dior’ logo on the outer foot.

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