This Valentino comparison shares tips on how to spot fake Valentino Rockrunners so that you can carry out an authenticity check on a similar pair of Valentino sneakers that you may be looking to buy or have already bought.

Disclaimer: This type of content is published to assist individuals who wish to identify a product’s authenticity. Counterfeits are not endorsed. Since genuine and counterfeit items are both subject to change over time, no guide can be wholly conclusive. These posts should be treated as supplementary tips to help you spot fakes you are already suspicious, or unsure of. We are not affiliated with any other brand.


valentino rockrunner authenticity check

1. The replica Valentino Rockrunner is on the left. The shoe’s materials are substandard and the overall structure of the sneaker is not correct, not to mention the fact that the colours on it are not correct either.

authentic vs replica valentino rockrunners

2. There is a plethora of errors on the fake Valentino Rockrunners. Once again, the colours are incorrect, the suede quality is poor, the stitching on it stands out too much, and the stud details are too small and blunt.

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