This real vs fake Off-White t-shirt guide shares tips on how to spot a fake Off-White Caravaggio Arrows t-shirt in 2020.
Over the past few years, Off-White has grown to be one of the most popular fashion brands in the world. As a result, counterfeits have become more common and more accurate. When shopping online you should take time to legit check the Off-White t-shirt that you are thinking of purchasing; the content on this page will enable you to do that.


1. Can you tell which Off-White Caravaggio Arrows t-shirt is the real one?

2. The real Off-White Caravaggio Arrows t-shirt is on the right. Scroll down this page to view some detailed side-by-side real vs fake Off-White t-shirt images, which include a closer look at the front & back prints, labels and tags.

3. Here are the fake and real Off-White neck labels. The stitching on either side of the fake Off-White label is not as neat as it is on the authentic label. There are also some marginal differences in the appearance of the text, and the fake label is made from a cheaper, thinner fabric.

4. This is the “OFF” print which is located on the front of the Off-White Caravaggio Arrows t-shirt. The main difference is that, in the genuine print, the horizontal lines of the “F”s are closer together.

5. Just beside the collar of the Off-White t-shirt, you will see a small grey attachment. The top two squares in the image above show what the attachments look like under normal lighting, whereas the bottom two squares show the attachments in their reflective state. The real Off-White attachment features a blacker “A” print that is more centrally aligned (vertically). Under normal conditions the genuine attachment is not as greyed-out as the fake one either.

6. Checking the print on the back of an Off-White t-shirt can be an effective way of judging authenticity. In this case, not only is the colour of the print inaccurate on the fake Off-White t-shirt, but also, as evidenced in the YouTube video, the genuine Off-White print has a completely different texture.

7. To further support the previous caption, here is an up-close real vs fake Off-White print comparison.

8. Take a closer look at the zip ties attached to the fake and real Off-White Caravaggio Arrows t-shirts. Here, the authentic Off-White zip tie is a slightly different colour and it has more boldly printed text on it.

9. Hanging off the zip ties are the Off-White hangtags. When looking at them, a fake can often be spotted simply by paying attention to the clarity of the text. Notice how the letters on the fake hangtags are not as well defined as they are on the official hangtags.

10. Labels on fake Off-White product bags, such as this one, may contain incorrect information. To check if a product bag label has the right details, try typing the product code (the one in bold) into Google. If the search results show a completely different product, there is a high chance that the item is a fake.

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