This real vs replica Louis Vuitton belt guide shares tips on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton belt so that you can carry out authenticity checks on similar Louis Vuitton belts that you may be interested in buying or have already bought. The model name of the authentic LV belt in this guide is the ‘Louis Vuitton 40mm Initiales reversible belt’ and it retails for £365 on the official Louis Vuitton online store. There are several versions of the belt.

Disclaimer: This type of content is published to assist individuals who wish to identify a product’s authenticity. Counterfeits are not endorsed. Since genuine and counterfeit items are both subject to change over time, no guide can be wholly conclusive. These posts should be treated as supplementary tips to help you spot fakes you are already suspicious, or unsure of. We are not affiliated with any other brand.


louis vuitton belt authenticity check

1. These are the Louis Vuitton 40mm Initiales belts in monogram macassar canvas. The top two are reversible, the bottom one is not. You can immediately tell that the bottom belt is not authentic because the buckle lacks definition and is not as glossy as it should be. When it comes to the middle Louis Vuitton belt, the buckle sits too far away from the edge of the belt strap. On the authentic Louis Vuitton belt (on top), the buckle sits close to the edge of the strap and has an extremely smooth, sleek aesthetic.

authentic vs replica louis vuitton belt

2. Monogram macassar canvas on real Louis Vuitton belts is coloured and textured in a particular way – as seen on the top belt. Whilst different replica Louis Vuitton belts vary in closeness when compared to the real deal, they are never close enough to be undetectable. There will always be a mistake that can be spotted such as: incorrectly coloured monogram prints, substandard stitching, wrong canvas texture etc.

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