Nowadays, Hermès belts are one of the most popular designer belts and as a result they are widely counterfeited. Unfortunately, there are many people who, knowingly or not, sell fake Hermès belts as authentic so you need to be careful when shopping online, especially if you are purchasing a second-hand belt. This authentic vs replica Hermès guide shares a few tips on how to check the authenticity of a 32mm Hermès H buckle belt that you own or may be looking to purchase.

Disclaimer: This type of content is published to assist individuals who wish to identify a product’s authenticity. Counterfeits are not endorsed. Since genuine and counterfeit items are both subject to change over time, no guide can be wholly conclusive. These posts should be treated as supplementary tips to help you spot fakes you are already suspicious, or unsure of. We are not affiliated with any other brand.


hermes buckle real vs fake

1. There are many Hermès buckle variations and it would be impossible to summarise everything about them in one post but broadly speaking, check that the “H” is well defined and has the relevant engravings (see next image).

authentic vs replica hermes belt

2. All engravings on authentic Hermès belt buckles should be clear and sharp, not semi-faded like the engraving on the replica Hermès buckle. The fake Hermès buckle should also not have an “18K” engraving on it – this indicates that the buckle is solid gold which is obviously not the case. The standard gold buckle Hermès belts sold on the brand’s website are not solid gold, they are gold plated and therefore will not have an “18K” marking.

how to spot a fake hermes belt

3. The gold plating on authentic Hermès buckles is finished immaculately and many fakes fail to replicate such high-quality finishing. Scratches, scuffs and marks on an unused buckle are signs of a fake Hermès belt.

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