This real vs fake Gucci comparison covers everything you need to know about how to legit check Gucci slides aka Gucci flip flops. Unfortunately, there are many replica Gucci items on the market, many of which are being sold as authentic. Use this guide to educate yourself on the differences so you can avoid being scammed.

Disclaimer: This type of content is published to assist individuals who wish to identify a product’s authenticity. Counterfeits are not endorsed. Since genuine and counterfeit items are both subject to change over time, no guide can be wholly conclusive. These posts should be treated as supplementary tips to help you spot fakes you are already suspicious, or unsure of. We are not affiliated with any other brand.


authentic vs replica gucci flip flops

1. Both pairs of Gucci flip flops look similar but if you look closely enough, you will notice that the green stripe on the fake slides are the not the correct shade of green.

authentic vs replica gucci slides

2. This is a clearer example of the green shade difference – a darker shade of green is used on the authentic Gucci flip flops.

gucci flip flops authenticity check

3. The black parts of the authentic Gucci slide’s bridge are more textured and glossier when compared to the fake. Furthermore, the bottom of bridge, that connects to the midsole, slots more neatly into the real slide’s base.

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