This real vs fake Ferragamo belt comparison attempts to provide an insight into checking the authenticity of Ferragamo belts. Ferragamo is no different to any of the other luxury brands in that its items are regularly replicated. The result of this is that many fakes have flooded online marketplaces therefore increasing the risk of being scammed. Use the upcoming insights to educate yourself on which details you should pay extra attention to.


authentic vs replica ferragamo belt

1. Please be aware of the fact that the Ferragamo belts used to make this real vs fake guide are not the same model therefore not all differences shown below are suitable to use for authentication purposes. Where this is the case, it will be noted.

ferragamo belt authenticity check

2. On the buckle the first thing worth paying attention to is the fineness of the “Ferragamo” text in the middle. It looks a lot sleeker and thinner on the authentic buckle. The real buckle has a higher quality overall finish as well, whereas the fake is discoloured in more than one spot.

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