This real vs fake Dsquared2 skater jeans comparison shares useful information in relation to authenticating Dsquared2 jeans. Over the last few years Dsquared2 has experienced tremendous growth and, consequently, there has been a wave of fake Dsquared2 items circulating the market. Use this guide to educate yourself on the differences so you can decrease the risk of being scammed.


legit check dsquared2 skater jeans

1. As an introduction to the “how to spot fake Dsquared2 jeans” guide, can you tell which is real and which is fake here?

dsquared2 jeans authentication guide

2. In the first image, the real Dsquared2 jeans were on the right. The quality of the distressing is often a good detail to use to tell the difference between real and fake. Distressed details on fakes are usually lazily produced and end up looking tacky.

Dsquared2 real vs replica

3. Another example of how the distressed details differ between real and fake Dsquared2 jeans.

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