This real vs fake Dior So Real comparison aims to educate you on how to spot fake Dior sunglasses so that you can carry out an authenticity check on other Dior So Real glasses that you may be interested buying or have already bought. The model reference of the Dior Sunglasses shown in this video is B0YMD. The authentic ones currently retail for £370 on Dior’s official online store, but you can find them for as low as £225 on independent eyewear retailers’ websites. The genuine Dior glasses feature a light black acetate frame with metal details and linear mirrored lens that ensure 100% UV Protection. As always is the case with luxury items, many people, knowingly or not, sell fake items as real. Use this video as a guide to help you spot fakes.


authentic vs replica Dior so real sunglasses comparison

1. The sunglasses on top are fake, the authentic Dior So Real sunglasses are at the bottom. Dior So Real sunglasses have been a popular choice of eyewear for many years so it comes as no surprise that they have been heavily counterfeited. From this view there are a few things that tell us which is fake. The first being the hardware fault (see clear gap in frame above left lens), and the second being the relatively dull finish on the lenses. In this particular case, the bar on the top of the fake frames is flat but be careful with using that to authenticate because some of the top bars on older, legit, Dior frames were less curved than the bar on the legit example here.

how to spot fake dior so real sunglasses

2. Text on frame temples should be well-defined on authentic Dior So Real sunglasses, and on any other luxury branded sunglasses for that matter. Messy-looking text and other signs of poor finishing are associated with fakes so you will need to look out for such traits.

dior so real sunglasses authenticity check

3. Refer to the caption underneath the previous image since the same explanation applies here.

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