Canada Goose is always a hugely popular brand during the winter months and unfortunately with this comes many fakes. This real vs fake Canada Goose Freestyle vest comparison will help you to check the authenticity of a similar Canada Goose vest that you own or may be looking to purchase.


real vs replica canada goose vest

1. At first glance a few telling points can be spotted. The neck area is noticeably more padded and structured on the real Canada Goose vest. In addition to that, the buttons are completely different; a close-up comparison of the buttons will be included later in this guide.

authentic vs replica canada goose vest

2. Genuine badges always have sharper detail. Look at the word “Goose” for example and you can see that a clear difference in clarity exists. The same can be said for the leaves. In addition to this, the spacing between the words and the inside and outside circles should be even but looking at the fake you can see that the words/leaves are practically touching the inside circle which then leaves a much larger gap between the words and the outside circle, therefore leading to an uneven appearance.

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