When the Balenciaga Speed trainers arrived in 2016, they took the luxury sneaker market by storm. Comfortable, stylish and versatile, the high fashion sock shoes quickly became a popular footwear choice. Since its release, the Balenciaga Speed trainers have been recreated in a variety of different colour-ways and materials. The success of the silhouette meant it was only a matter of time before fakes were produced and that is what this real vs fake Balenciaga Speed trainers guide is here to help with. Below is some useful information in relation to checking the authenticity of Balenciaga Speed trainers.


balenciaga speed trainer authenticity check

1. Please ignore the difference in colour as this is not a way to spot fake Balenciaga Speed trainers. Instead, you may be able to spot fake speed trainers by looking at the point at which the sole stops (towards the front of the shoe). If the sole comes too far up on the toe area, the Balenciaga Speed trainers are likely to be fakes.

balenciaga speed trainer legit check

2. This real vs fake Balenciaga Speed trainers toe-box comparison highlights the poor finishing on and around the sole, which is a common trait of fake Balenciaga speed trainers.

authentic vs replica balenciaga speed trainer

3. On many fake Balenciaga Speed trainers the sole curves up too much which makes the front of the shoe look too pointy. Furthermore, the heel is too straight and lacks the natural curve seen on the heel of the authentic Speed trainer.

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