Ever-growing luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is as well known for its groundbreaking sneaker designs as it is for its ready-to-wear collections, many of which are logo-oriented. The Balenciaga logo t-shirt featured below has a simplistic design and oversized fit. The minimalist top has proved to be a hit with Balenciaga customers worldwide and the popularity of it even triggered widespread production of fakes. This authentic vs fake Balenciaga logo t-shirt guide shares information in relation to checking the authenticity of Balenciaga logo t-shirts. 


real vs fake balenciaga logo t-shirt

1. Authentic vs fake Balenciaga logo t-shirt overview: The authentic Balenciaga logo t-shirt is at the top and the fake Balenciaga logo t-shirt is at the bottom. In this guide we will take a closer look at how you can differentiate between the two.

balenciaga logo t-shirt real vs fake

2. Although marginal, the printed letters are sharper and sleeker on the authentic Balenciaga logo t-shirt in comparison the fake Balenciaga t-shirt.

real vs fake balenciaga label

3. More than one Balenciaga neck label style exists meaning that you can get authentic Balenciaga pieces with labels that look like either of the ones shown in this image. The fake Balenciaga t-shirt label here replicates a different label version to the one seen on the genuine top so this is not a direct comparison BUT just by comparing the collar areas of both t-shirts, you can tell that the general garment quality of the fake Balenciaga t-shirt is substandard compared to the authentic one.

NOTE: This post is not saying that all labels with “Balenciaga Paris” on them are fake – that is not the case.

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