This real vs fake Balenciaga comparison aims to teach you how to spot a fake Balenciaga logo sweater so that you are able to authenticate similar Balenciaga logo sweaters that you are interested in buying or have already bought. The Balenciaga Allover logo sweater is also commonly referred to as the Balenciaga logo Intarsia sweater.

It is important to remember that there are many Balenciaga logo sweater variations – the logo style, type of fit, and sweater length can all vary. When using any of the tips shared in this guide to assist you with checking the authenticity of a Balenciaga logo sweater, please take care in ensuring you are looking at the same product line (547831 T1473).


1. The real Balenciaga logo sweater is at the bottom and the fake Balenciaga logo sweater is at the top. In this guide we are going to take a closer look at how to differentiate between the two. Let’s get started!

2. The ribbed collar of the real Balenciaga logo sweater has a tighter and thicker appearance in comparison to the flatter and looser-looking collar of the fake Balenciaga logo sweater. Furthermore, if you zoom in you will notice that the “Balenciaga” text is more spaced out on the authentic Balenciaga label, and that the individual threads that make up the letters on this label can be seen more clearly.

3. The most predominant feature of these sweaters is the allover logo print. The fake Balenciaga sweater can be spotted here because the logo font is too thick and blotchy compared to the neater-looking logo seen on the real Balenciaga sweater.

4. Full front real vs fake Balenciaga logo sweater comparison. In addition to the differences that have been highlighted above, note how the ribbed hem of the real Balenciaga sweater has a more elastic appearance. A close-up comparison of the hems will be included later in this guide.

5. Full back real vs fake Balenciaga logo sweater comparison. Captions 2-4 apply to this image.

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