This real vs fake Alexander McQueen sneakers guide relates specifically to the new season Alexander McQueen sneakers (Fall/Winter 2019). With Alexander McQueen’s oversized sneakers still proving to be a popular designer footwear choice, new replicas are continuously being produced and a significant number of them are being advertised as genuine online. Want to learn how to check whether Alexander McQueen sneakers are fake or not? Check out the tips below.


authentic vs replica alexander mcqueen sneakers

1. The real Alexander McQueen sneakers are on the right and the fake Alexander McQueen sneakers are on the left. In this example you can see that the tone of the golden “Alexander McQueen” text is too dark on the fake and the tongue & inner heel also have a rougher, more wrinkled appearance.

alexander mcqueen authenticity check

2. The next part of this real vs fake Alexander McQueen sneakers authentication guide involves viewing both sneakers from the rear. The fakes can be spotted because the sole colour is not quite right, the black leather panel is not properly shaped, and just like on the tongue, the tone of the gold “Alexander McQueen” text is not accurate.

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